CPS Increases Charter Funding by $85 Million, Students Outraged

25 Jul


[In the initial report, I listed the amount the charters school funding was increased incorrectly as $33,000,000.   As parents poured over the budget, they have accounted for an increase of just under $85,000,000]

CPS is quite fond of calling for shared sacrifice, but sacrifice is certainly not being shared evenly in the new budget.  Selective enrollment schools have had their budgets raised by $7,390,000 and charters find themselves $33,000,000 richer.  Meanwhile, neighborhood schools find themselves gutted.

The one thing today is I saw and heard students speak up like never before.  They were militant, but even more importantly they were passionate and they were eloquent.  As usual, Asean Johnson dropped some truth on the Board, but there was a lot more than just him.  2 years ago, we saw the teachers beginning to fight back. Last year, we saw the parents.  Now, I think we’re seeing the students.  I have to say, if this is the quality of graduate that CPS is producing, we’ve done something right.

Alderman Maldonado’s Office Makes Robocall Calling Ames Gang-Infested

“Here is a copy of the voicemail I received tonight from someone from Alderman Maldonado’s office offering a poll about having a military school at Ames School in the Humboldt Park / Logan Square area of Chicago.”

What is Malicious Reassignment

“This is a tactic that can be labeled as “malicious re-assignment.” It is used to give a not so gentle signal to a veteran teacher that it is time to leave. We see it happen on several occasions. First, when a principal or administrator believes someone’s teaching methods are “too old-fashioned” and their years of experience and craft knowledge are not valued. Another is when an educator is considered too expensive and the administration would like to them to retire early. Or last, when a tenured teacher becomes too vocal about union or social justice issues. It’s an attempt to silence.”

CPS Budget Cuts: Rahm Rejects Ordinance to Divert TIF Funds Back to Schools

“The ordinance cites the $457 million TIFs skimmed off property tax revenues in 2012 — money that would have gone to the schools and other public bodies — and says any leftover funds should be used to address the “deep and unsustainable cuts in virtually every neighborhood elementary school and high schools.”

Chicago Students Disrupt Board of Education Meeting

Students are not going to take it anymore.

Letter of Allegation Regarding the Closing of 49 Elementary Schools to United Nations

“The Midwest Coalition for Human Rights (on behalf of itself and the undersigned organizations and individuals) requests that you investigate and take preventative measures to address the potential domestic and international human rights violations that may result from these school closings.”


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