Tomorrow is Openning Day

26 Aug

ImageTomorrow is the opening day for CPS and I find myself having a very difficult time meeting it with the energy it deserves.  I feel like we’ve not only had important supports cut off from us, I feel that even more damage to our school community is on the way.  My school is down 100+ students from the CPS projection.  

We have a very large Mexican population and it’s not unusual for some students to make their way back from Mexico in time for the start of the school year, but this year the school year starts earlier and the deadline for enrollment to count is the 10th day instead of the 20th.  This means if everything stands the way it is, we’ll be losing another 8 teacher positions.   Little niceties like computer paper have been excised from our budget and we’re constantly being told to do more with less.

In addition, the school faces a mind numbing problem of epic proportions.  We are scoring great on one set of standardized tests and poorly on another.  Therefore, it is clear that the way we are teaching must somehow be deficient because there is no other possible explanation why 2 seemingly infallible tests could be giving the opposite results.

I am sure that when I meet my students and get to know them, I’ll remember why I got into this profession in the first place, but I’m tired of being a cog in a system where my boss (Rahm) not only doesn’t help me to succeed, but actively works to hinder my progress.

Rahm Put Indicted Ohio Money Laundry Man on City’s Pension Boards

“Some independent alderman like Fioretti and Waguespack have wanted a more open, transparent investigation of what Ahmad did here. They want the city’s inspector general Joe Ferguson to be allowed to do his job. That’s not what Rahm wants. And you have to wonder why not?”

Rahm Running Scared Orders Entire City on Alert

“In what is becoming an international spectacle Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel or, Murder Mayor as he is called in some circles, is deploying all city departments until further notice to be deployed on all Safe Passage routes in the first few weeks when school starts for the Chicago Public Schools.”

Heat Wave Forecast for Chicago for Back to School

“The outlook for this week projects multiple days with high temperatures into the lower 90s. However, when factoring in sunshine, humidity and light winds, RealFeel® temperatures are likely to surge into the upper 90s to near 100 degrees for a couple of hours each afternoon.”

Chicago Parents Say: Follow the Money

“CPS says they have no alternatives but to make these school-based cuts,” says parent Jeff Karova of Darwin Elementary. “Clearly CPS has chosen to increase spending in certain areas very far away from the classroom while cutting essential programs critical to the development and learning of our children.”

Matt Farmer: Arne Duncan’s Favorite Phrase

“The Secretary of Education then confused even himself, calling a “new generation of assessments aligned with the states’ Common Core standards” a “second game-changer,” even though it was actually the third “game-changer” Arne had offered the assembled UNESCO masses during that difficult-to-diagram, five-minute rhetorical stretch.

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