The Trouble with Microsoft

27 Aug

ImageIf you haven’t noticed, Microsoft is showing signs of real trouble.  They’re no longer innovative and workers and outside observers alike blame it on their management system called “stack ranking”.  In stack ranking, employees are rated from best to worst and the lowest performing employees are fired.  This has created a corporate atmosphere that could best be described as toxic.

“The behavior this engenders, people do everything they can to stay out of the bottom bucket,” one Microsoft engineer said. “People responsible for features will openly sabotage other people’s efforts. One of the most valuable things I learned was to give the appearance of being courteous while withholding just enough information from colleagues to ensure they didn’t get ahead of me on the rankings.”

There was a great article in Slate, which referenced a previous article in Vanity Fair.  My question is, knowing that doing things this way is a failure in business, why are we letting Gates and company inflict this kind of management on education. 

Rahm Skips Planned After-School Walk With Students after Protesters Show Up

“Mayor Rahm Emanuel skipped out on a planned walk with students through a West Side neighborhood Monday, prompting a small group of activists outside Willa Cather Elementary to chant, “Run, Rahm, Run.”

No Experience Necessary

“Silly reader—experience is for status quo lovers! In case you’ve haven’t heard, no experience is the new black, especially when it comes to leading school districts that happen to be almost entirely Black. You see, in the olden days experience was mistakenly believed to be an attribute, or worse, a necessity. Today, nine out of ten reform advocates agree: a lack of experience is the handmaiden of disruption and the first cousin of innovation. In other words, what was your question again?”

School’s Out Forever

“While students return to class today, Tribune photojournalist Brian Casella visits the buildings the sit empty after being closed by Chicago Public Schools.”

CPS Begins New School Year

This is a must see video segment, but unfortunately at posting time, WTTW didn’t have it up yet.  I assume it will be posted very soon at this link.

Activists Call for One-Day Boycott of CPS Schools

“The group is asking students to skip school Wednesday and parents and supporters to forgo a Chicago Board of Education meeting to attend a rally in front of the board’s downtown office, followed by a march to City Hall.”

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