New York and Connecticut Lead the Way

12 Sep

ImageToday, we heard of more CPS incompetence.  In the case of the hand held fans, the incompetence hit epic proportions, but last night we got some good news in the resistance to Rahm style education reform from and I think it deserves noting and celebrating.

In New York, Bill de Blasio won the Democratic primary for mayor.  de Blasio is actually a public school parent who ran on a platform of reversing Bloomberg’s corporate style education reform.   Naturally, the teachers union in New York supported one of his opponents, but he will be great news for parents and teachers alike if elected.

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, the three outsider candidates won the election for school board over the 3 machine candidates.  They have vowed to try and end corporate reform.  This means that Paul Vallas’s days are definitely numbered.

2 Investigators: Safe Passage Routes Lead Kids Past Sex Offender Shelters

“A director affiliated with both shelters, Cynthia Jones Northington says they were not told about the safe passage routes.

“We actually just saw the signs; that raised red flags for us,” said Jones Northington. “So we have some tremendous concerns.”

CPS Handing Out Small Personal Fans to Cope with the Heat

“CPS confirmed that 36,000 of these handheld fans are being distributed this week to schools that requested them. Tuesday’s high temp of 95 degrees tied a Chicago record set in 1983. Boone staff got theirs Wednesday after temps dipped into the high 80s, according to a staffer. CPS could not immediately say how many schools made the requests.”

Teach for America and Noble Street Charters: A Dangerous Combination

“In Chicago, there is arguably no school with closer ties to TFA than Noble St Charter Schools.  At least half of Noble principals are TFA alums and a large percentage of the teachers are current TFA corp members or alumni.  It is no surprise that Mr. Anderson would choose this school to highlight.”

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