A Must Read for those Interested in our Schools

17 Sep

ImageDiane Ravitch’s new book just came out today.  Reign of Error puts into context the struggles we’re fighting in Chicago and globally against the forces of mayoral control and privatization.   You can pick up Reign of Error on Amazon and it’ll be a New York Times Best Seller, so you’re certainly going to be able to find it elsewhere as well.

Ravitch’s New Book Demonstrates She Still Hates Children

“While I didn’t actually read Ravitch’s book, I think I’ve gotten a pretty good feeling for what it’s about by reading the cover which is widely displayed on line and several negative comments from people I admire for their no excuses approach to education reform and this unfortunately, is where Ravitch comes up short.”

Life in Rahm’s Chicago.  Resignations abound and Parents Have some Questions for Rahm on the East Side

“Party Boss Michael Madigan and Governor Squeezy greased the way for over $100 million in tax dollars, some of which went to Rangel and his family.

They were alleged contractors for UNO’s charter school construction.

Cabrera’s sudden resignation suggests Rangel hadn’t really given up control.

Questions. Questions. Questions.”

Chicago Teacher: Inhumane Working Conditions are Inhumane Learning Conditions

“These disparities highlight that Mayor Emanuel and his appointees consistently prioritize their own plans to privatize Chicago education over the basic human rights and learning conditions for hundreds of thousands of Chicago children. Cawley has gone on record to say that they will not invest capital money into schools they are considering closing in the future.”

More Cuts Loom for Portage Park Elementary School

“Portage Park Elementary School will have no money to pay for substitute teachers after the latest round of budget cuts, Local School Council Chairwoman Victoria “Tori” Benson said.”

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