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You Can’t Beat Fun at the Old Ballpark

30 Apr

Mayor Rahm Emanuel at baseball game at Brooks

The big news over the weekend was the forfeiting of a game at Brooks after several parents of students on the Payton baseball team refused to take their kids to Brooks because of safety fears.   I didn’t think it really warranted all the press it received, but I did find it rather ironic, that Payton is named after Walter Payton who grew up in poverty in segregated Mississippi and rose above it to become a hero to millions regardless of color.

I do have trouble with the whole idea that the city can get so worked up about the safety of a dozen kids crossing neighborhood boundaries, when we are subjecting so many thousands of students to far worse through these school closings.

A Look at How charters May Fare if CPS School Actions Are Approved

“It’s a very deliberate union-busting strategy,” said Amisha Patel, executive director of the Grassroots Collaborative. “It’s not actually about the needs of the children and the education of the children, but it is about a steady erosion of bargaining rights of teachers in those neighborhoods.”

Winds of Change in the Windy City

“Ms. Robinson wasn’t the only person to recognize the systemic nature of the problem. Around 250 self-organized students boycotted their State Mandated tests in order to spend the day at the school board meeting. The students, organized under the name Chicago Students Organizing to Save Our Schools (CSOSOS), were working towards two important objectives. First, they wanted to voice their dissent of the school closing and reorganization. Although this cycle of closings will not directly affect high schools, these students got a firsthand lesson in solidarity this summer, when their teachers went on a courageous strike for schools worthy of their students brilliance and effort.”

Chicago Alderman Cardenas: Shady Charters School Rezoning Deal

“Not until got home to my computer over the weekend, did I confirm my suspicions with satellite photos that this is a scam to steal tax payer dollars.  No people live in this area except in a condo development next door that is almost bankrupt. The site of the new charter site is next to the McKinley Park lofts condo development. Then there is to the 8-lane Western Avenue to cross to the east. The 1-mile square McKinley and lagoon the north. Industrial WW2 ammunition factories to west and the old site of the CPS headquarters. The famous Union Stockyards Train yards to the south of the site. The only people that live near this site are from the condo development.”

Are Chechen Terrorists Making CPS Central Offices a Target?

“But all the time, behind the scenes, CPS was in the real world tightening security. By the time of the April 24 Board of Education meeting, the President of the Board, David Vitale, and the CEO of CPS, Barbara Byrd Bennett, were ordering security to gag speakers who demanded answers to questions that had been asked for months across the city.”