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If We Can’t Elect a School Board, Can We Draft One?

26 Apr

ImageI hate missing a day because in Chicago, if you miss a day you miss a lot of education news.  I know I’m going to miss something or another I read earlier in the day and wanted to share.  Anyway, because I envision a lot of links today, I’m going to cut my own commentary short:

Parents at Chicago School Slated for Closure Chase Away Inventory Team

“CPS is paying a logistics firm $14.2 million to inventory everything from student records to textbooks in all schools set to be closed, turned around, or “co-located” with other schools. Johnson, who opposes the turnaround, said Dewey students have been told for two days they aren’t allowed to take home textbooks for homework because they’re being inventoried.”

State Cuts Off Money to UNO Charter Schools Over Insider Trading

“Gov. Pat Quinn’s administration has cut off funding to the state’s largest charter-school operator, the politically influential United Neighborhood Organization, over insider deals it says violated terms of a $98 million state grant, according to a letter obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.”

Secret Clout List for Chicago Public Schools

“This week, Crain’s is reporting that likely GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner got his daughter clouted in to elite Walter Payton High School, where one in three students come from private grammar schools. One of the entries on this log may be his.”

40 Terrible Decisions on School Actions

“Today we delivered a report to the Board of Education listing our concerns for 40 proposed school actions. As we stated to the Board, the omission of certain schools on this list does not mean we support their closure but as a grassroots group these were the schools we were able to visit, attend hearings for, meet with parents at, or research. We did walkthroughs at 22 schools on the closing list and attended numerous community hearings over the past few months. “

SPECIAL REPORT: School’s Closing, Gang Feud Fuel New Fear in Old Town

“A Jenner student with alleged GD gang ties posted a “hit list” that marked nine kids as targets if they come to the Wild Side.

Later, the boy who posted the hit list made a Facebook pledge that he would show Manierre kids something that goes “bang-bang.” In a separate post, the boy wrote, “F— ALL SED IAM KILLIN BABYS AND ALL.”

After a school-closing hearing, a Manierre eighth-grader pulled out her cellphone to show the hit list to Chicago School Board member Henry Bienen.

“These are very serious issues,” Bienen said. “Obviously, these are not easy decisions to make.”