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UNO’s Finances Draw More Scrutiny

24 Jan

ImageYou have to give it to UNO.  From political, marketing, or financial points of view, they are very impressive.  When it comes to education—not so much.  Greg Hinz’s article on just how much tax payer money you can collect with political clout, soccer, and some woefully underperforming schools is really worth a read.  Ben Jovarsky also does a great job showing the history of failure that turnarounds have had in Chicago.

Springfield Magic: Money for Schools – Some Schools

“But, in checking around, I hear that the guy who really pushed the proposed $35 million grant was House Speaker Michael Madigan, whose district has turned overwhelmingly Latino in recent years and who probably could use one of those new UNO schools in his district. Mr. Madigan — his spokesman failed to return calls — was so hot for the grant that he actually tried to add it to some other bills, multiple reliable Springfield sources say.”

The Chicago Manual of School Closings

“Over the last few years, Chicago Public Schools officials have announced a dizzying series of openings and closings there. At this point, after a close look at what’s happened, the only conclusion I can draw is that if the district has a long-term plan, it’s not something they want to admit or even talk about.”

Teacher Exposes Board’s Ridiculous Testing Policy

“I am also a mandated reporter and today I want to report the child abuse that is occurring in our schools. It is called excessive, high-stakes standardized testing.”

CPS Approves New Schools, but Charters Face Tough Questions

“But the charter schools that were approved might face an uncertain future. Both Foundations College Prep, which will open in Roseland, and Orange Charter, which has not picked a neighborhood yet, were pulled from the December meeting agenda, had their openings delayed by a year, and were given additional conditions they must meet before they are given final approval to open.”


Jackson Potter Explains Turnaround Lawsuit

30 Dec



2012 is about to come to an end, but not without some last news for the old year.   Most of the news is national, but Jackson Potter’s letter to the Sun-Times does a nice job of summing up the Chicago Teachers Union’s position on the new lawsuit by 2 CPS teachers and the CTU over racial discrimination in turnarounds.

Let’s Not Permit Plutocrats to Run the Schools

“For the last eight years, more than 100 schools have been shuttered and replaced with non-union, politically connected charter schools that have largely underwhelmed the public with their mediocre performance. Parents, students and teachers have been treated like pawns in a chess game where they had no voice or choice in the matter.

Charter Schools Now Big Business Nationwide

“The number of education management organizations has exploded on the national scene — for-profit groups growing from five in 1995-96 to 99 in 2010-11 and nonprofit organizations growing from 48 in 1998 to 197 in 2010-11 — according to the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado Boulder.”

Should Poor Kids get Art and Music in School?

“VERONICA BARBOSA: I wish we could have art and music in the school, but at the same time if you want your child to have that in their life, you can make the effort to try and get it, like, after school or on the weekends.

Decades Later, Student Finds Teacher that Changed his Life

“When Cruitt returned to school, Doyle waited until all of the other children left the room at the end of the day, and told him that she was there if he needed her.

“Then you bent over and kissed me on the head. It was really the only time someone said to me, ‘I know what you’re feeling, and I know what you’re missing,’ ” Cruitt says. “And I felt, in a very real way, that things really would be OK.””