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Karen Lewis Continues to Impress Me

19 Apr


One of the links I have posted is to a great interview with Karen Lewis, but what’s really impressive to me as a bit of a science fiction nerd is this quote from Karen, “That’s where I throw in the Star Trek thing, the Kobayashi Maru. You’ve got to change the rules if you want to win.”

How many labor leaders drop a Kobayashi Maru reference like that.   The other day, I saw her correctly name the planet that the Death Star blew up in Star Wars (Alderan).  By the way, you know who else was a big Star Trek nerd?  Martin Luther King.  I think the idea of a positive future appeals to those who work for change.

Belabored Podcast, Episode 1: We Will Shut Down Your City

“Part of the problem is we don’t have counseling programs for children early enough. We have almost gotten rid of play in preschool and kindergarten because we’re so busy trying to get them to pass tests that we don’t focus on the things that actually build their social-emotional learning along with the academic piece. So some of the conflict resolution that you learn through play has disappeared…”

Report: Recent School Gains are Overblown

“A new report claims academic gains over the last decade in the New York City, Chicago and Washington, D.C. public schools were largely exaggerated by proponents of the current wave of school reforms.”

Protests Against Creating Disney II High School

“Approximately 100 community members turned out for a public hearing held Monday night at Schurz High School, the majority of them expressing opposition to the Disney II-Marshall co-location. Lachlan Tidmarsh, CPS chief information officer, and Peter Rogers, CPS chief financial officer, moderated the forum.”